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Relationship Workwise & Campusjäger

First things first: Workwise and Campusjäger belong together and are one and the same company. Campusjäger, which was established during the studies of our founders, is primarily aimed at students and graduates. We developed Workwise to accompany you throughout your entire professional career.


Brief summary

With Workwise you can find the right job and apply in no time without a cover letter. Campusjäger belongs to Workwise and is the same company.

Workwise offers you a platform for all your applications. This allows you to keep an eye on the status of your applications at all times. A personal contact person is available to answer any questions you may have.

Start your job search now.

What is Workwise?

Workwise is your intelligent platform for searching and finding suitable jobs, making it easier for you to organize your career path – no matter what stage you are at your career. We also enable organizations to simplify recruiting with our products so they can focus on their employees.

We are a motivated team from Karlsruhe, Germany, with over 100 employees, dedicated to job search, career experience and recruiting. Our goal is to make the exciting and nerve-wracking phase of the job search easy, friendly and equal. We want to give you security, take away the tension during job search and support you in the application process. Together with you and the company, we are happy when an open position could be filled.

What does the name Workwise stand for?

We think it’s worth talking about job and career path. We are interested in your current profession or your plans for the future.

We are committed to sharing relevant information and getting to know people in recruiting. Our aim is to always find a solution that is suitable and sustainable for all parties. For this reason, companies can start a conversation with job seekers and ask “What do you do workwise?” and “What do you want to do workwise?”.

The term workwise can be used to inquire about a person’s occupation and duties. We selected it as our new brand name since it’s our belief that the term stands for a conversation on eye level and expresses appreciation – because job search should be human.

How are Workwise and Campusjäger related?

Campusjäger belongs to Workwise and is one and the same company. To the 19th of April 2021 we have renamed ourselves and have been there for you since then as the Workwise team.

Campusjäger was established in 2013 during the studies of our founders and is primarily aimed at students and graduates. However, most companies have job offers for different experience levels and areas.

Through our close contact with job seekers and companies, we gain a deep insight into the respective needs and wishes. We continue to develop our support and platform based on this which is how Workwise was created.

Workwise offers you a platform that accompanies you throughout your whole professional career. As a result, all job seekers can profit from the advantages and can easily apply, organize applications and receive support from our team.


What advantages do I have with Workwise?

Workwise is your support for job and career planning. Once you have created your profile at Workwise, you can use it for your job search at Campusjäger as well as at Workwise. This way, you have one profile that accompanies you throughout your entire career and can be quickly updated.

What this means for you: You don’t have to create an application file for each application. All details are in your profile where you will be informed about the status of your applications, appointments for job interviews and chat messages with companies – everything in one place.

When updating your profile, you can do all your future applications fast and without a cover letter. You can let us know when you’re open for new job opportunities again, so we can contact you with suitable jobs.

Campusjäger by Workwise is primarily aimed at students and graduates and helps in finding internships, working student positions or your first job: Campusjäger Job Search.

Workwise accompanies candidates throughout their whole career path. For this reason, you find more job offers from different experience levels on Workwise: Workwise Job Search.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your contact person from the Candidate Management Team. You will find the contact in all our emails.

If you cannot find the email address, please give us a call at +49 721 981 939 0 or send an email to [email protected]

We are happy to help you.

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